Rozpoczęcie budowy Villa Zakątek, czyli unikalnej inwestycji mieszkaniowej

Start of the construction of Villa Zakątek — a unique investment in Lublin

Villa Zakątek is a unique investment on a national level, which is located in the intimate, green Piastowskie district near the city center.

Lots of amenities will be waiting for the residents. In the fitness room and the rehabilitation room, they will be able to take care of their physical health. The café and the workshop room will provide a place to spend time with friends and family.

The concept of the building was prepared by a well-known and respected Lublin architect — Antoni Herman, who is the author of the Piastowski housing estate. The property will have 3 floors and an underground car park, and it will fit in with the surrounding architecture and will not be dominated by its size.

Construction works started in September 2021 and its completion is planned 1Q 2023. The area around the investment has been fenced for security reasons. After the building is put into use, the surrounding area will be open and accessible. An underground car park will be built in Villa Zakątek so as not to take it away from residents of nearby blocks. We will also provide convenient access to the footbridge and the bus stop from Leszka Czarnego Street.

It is worth emphasizing that the district has a rich service and commercial offer. Additionally, the place is very well connected with other parts of the city. All this will guarantee a comfortable and trouble-free life for future residents.

Rozpoczęcie budowy Villa Zakątek, czyli unikalnej inwestycji mieszkaniowej