Modern Senior Apartments

At Villa Zakątek, we offer seniors the opportunity to enjoy accommodation in one of 43 independent apartments (Independent Living service). Each apartment is fully furnished and has its own bathroom and kitchenette, which guarantees full independence and freedom of living. Intelligent systems installed in the apartments increase the comfort of use and take care of security.

Residents of Villa Zakątek can make use of common spaces such as a fitness room, a workshop room, or a laundry room with a dryer equipped with modern appliances. With these amenities, which promote activation and foster networking and social relations, the facility realizes the idea of senior cohousing. It is complemented by an extensive animation program available as part of selected packages. Fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking, interest clubs, and handicraft workshops are just part of our offer, which is developed based on the preferences of seniors.

Additional services are also available at Villa Zakątek: front desk service, concierge service, housekeeping, linen replacement and attendant care. These are reminiscent of accommodations in a high-end hotel while maintaining the independence that comes from living in a self-contained and fully equipped apartment.

The safety of the seniors is taken care of by qualified and friendly staff and a video monitoring system to ensure that no unauthorized person has access to the apartments. The facility also has an intercom and a summoning system, which allow people to call for help in an emergency.

In addition, our offer includes maintenance supervision of the apartments, so seniors don’t have to worry about ongoing repairs or maintenance of equipment resulting from normal operation.

We offer 43 independent apartments: 32 one-bed apartments and 11 two-bed apartments with 1 large bed.

Independent Living service

The offered accommodation service, Independent Living, includes accommodation in the Villa Zakątek facility according to the selected package.

Services available in packages OPTIMAL COMFORT COMFORT+
Accommodation in a furnished apartment
Free internet and utilities
Use of common areas
Senior wristband (to monitor health status)
Intercom system (for internal communication)
Intelligent systems (to support security)
Concierge service
Animations (workshops, integrations)
Sports activities (in the fitness room and nordic walking)
Apartment cleaning once a week
Apartment cleaning twice a week
Change of bed linen
Assistance 4 houres / week
1-BED APARTMENT 2400 zł* 2600 zł* 3850 zł*
2-BED APARTMENT (price for 2 people in a room with a large 140 cm bed) 3200 zł* 3600 zł* 6100 zł*
2-PERSON SUITEF for single use (27–30 sq m) 2600 zł* 3000 zł* 4150 zł*

*Gross prices for one month’s stay. Minimum stay in Villa Zakątek: 1 month.



Carrying out basic housekeeping (wiping dust, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen). Window cleaning, laundry, ironing are extras paid according to the price list at the reception.


Arranging transportation (e.g., ordering a cab, ordering travel tickets), booking cinema or theater tickets, a table at a restaurant, handling mail and parcels.

Assistive care

Helping with shopping, meal preparation, cleaning, laundry, organizing leisure time (walks, going to cultural events or assisting with travel).


Group exercise classes in the fitness room (morning mobilization / yoga / pilates, breathing meditation, relaxation sessions), nordic walking classes.


Culinary workshops, handicrafts (crocheting), meetings with reporters, movie nights, bridge evenings, bingo.


Service paid extra: 3 meals a day: 1400 PLN per person We implement the nutrition program based on the dietary guidelines for seniors.

Special events

Joint celebration of holidays, New Year's Eve, birthdays, name days, and other occasions.

Organization of excursions

Joint sightseeing in cities, trips to scenic parks, and nature.

Fitness activities and animations will be implemented according to the selected package and weekly schedule.

Excursions and special events are optional and subject to additional fees.

Amenities for residents
(Smart systems in the facility):

Sensor system

Intelligent system of sensors and a fire control panel to ensure a high level of security (smoke detectors, flood detectors, smoke extraction system).

Biometrical locks

Fingerprint lock: this solution eliminates unauthorized access and provides a high level of comfort for users.

Wristbands that monitor
health status

Measuring temperature, blood pressure, pulse, fall monitor, SOS button, and alerting of emergency events defined in the application of contact persons.

Intelligent control

Intelligent light and heat control system: ability to set optimal temperatures for day and night; easy operation from the panel and mobile phone.

System for remote contact

An easy-to-use system for video conferencing and sending messages, notifications, etc. allows remote contact with family, friends, or the facility coordinator.

Intercom system

An easy-to-use system for communication within a building that allows calls to be made directly to neighbours or other residents of the facility.

Summoning assistance system

In-apartment emergency call systems are integrated with SMS notification systems for designated persons.

Monitoring system

Video monitoring system to eliminate the risk of unauthorized persons entering the apartment.

Villa Zakątek - części wspólne w obiekcie

Our advisors will be happy to answer your questions.

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To sign up for the reservation list, please fill out the form below. We will use the information contained therein only to contact you regarding your accommodation at Villa Zakątek.

*minimum period of stay at Villa Zakątek - 1 month

The processing of personal data by MSCG Ltd. is carried out only to the extent necessary for the performance of obligations arising from the business relationship with the Client, and any other processing without the express prior consent of the Client is prohibited. In this regard, we undertake to enable the Customer to fulfill the obligations stipulated by law, respecting the rights of the persons concerned, in particular the so-called "rights of interested persons". We confirm that any other use is prohibited and entails liability under the law, including criminal or civil liability. For more information about the processing of your personal data, including your rights, please see our Privacy Policy.

Villa Zakątek - części wspólne w obiekcie
gabinet fizjoterapeuty

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you are over the age of 55, are independent, and want to stay in good physical and mental shape for as long as possible. Our senior apartments are fully furnished and equipped with household appliances, so you won’t have to worry about furniture and appliances if you decide to rent out your apartment and move to us. Using the apartment at Villa Zakątek, you won’t have to worry about paying for utilities, internet, or television, as these are included in the apartment fee. In addition, you won’t have to worry about ongoing repairs or maintenance of appliances resulting from normal operation, as our offer also includes maintenance supervision of the apartments. A cleaning service, linen replacement, and support in organizing daily errands through a concierge service are available in selected packages. Your comfort and safety will be supervised by modern technologies and systems, a description of which can be found below.

Yes, Villa Zakątek also has customized 2-bed apartments with one large bed and more living space. The 2-bed suites also have more storage space. The offer of activities and animation is prepared for two people, but it is not necessary to use the same activities. The surrounding area of the facility, the LSM estate, offers many avenues for walking and sports. It is great for practicing Nordic walking. The proximity of shopping malls, cultural inns, and sports centers makes living in this unique location on the map of Lublin even more attractive. To reach the church, you just need to cross the footbridge over Filaretów street; the bus stop is 60 meters from the building; it is 20 minutes on foot to Leclerc on Zana street; and 7 minutes to the green garden, which can be used by seniors. On the ground floor of the facility, there is a bakery and confectionery lounge of a well-known brand, where you can buy baked goods and sweet pastries and drink delicious coffee. In addition, the apartments are free of architectural barriers and are very cozy.


Also, important is the opportunity to establish relationships with other seniors using our facility. This is facilitated by the opportunity to participate in group activities in the fitness room and in workshops in the tastefully decorated workshop room with a spacious kitchen equipped with modern appliances, as well as the use of a shared laundry room with a drying room. Villa Zakątek residents will have an additional opportunity to integrate by taking part in excursions, the schedule of which will be prepared based on preferred destinations. A sense of belonging to a cohousing community will also be fostered by our offer to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and name days together. Experiencing important moments together fosters closer neighborhood relations and builds close, friendly ties. The feeling that in the closest surroundings there are people with similar expectations and problems, and in addition, people you can count on, makes living in Villa Zakątek an ideal choice for the autumn of life. For those using the services of a physiotherapist / massage therapist, we have prepared an offer of treatments available in the physiotherapy office located on the first floor of the building. All parents need to do is book the apartment in advance.

The primary benefit of senior cohousing is the ability to live independently in an independent apartment while providing a sense of belonging to a community of people who know each other well and support each other. In this way, we carry out our mission to counteract loneliness, which in old age can be very acute and a source of illness, depression, and a sense of loss of meaning in life.


Our goal is to improve the quality of life of seniors by keeping their physical and mental health in good shape. We aim to achieve the goal through an exceptional and unique offer on the Polish market, which on the one hand focuses on the independence of seniors and maintains this independence for as long as possible, and on the other hand, by involving seniors in joint animation projects, counteracts social exclusion and loneliness. We want seniors at Villa Zakątek to feel safe and comfortable and to derive satisfaction from life.


The benefits of living in Villa Zakątek senior cohousing:

  • safety and comfort of living in a facility designed and adapted to the needs of seniors, safe and comfortable, where your neighbors will be other seniors with similar expectations and needs 
  • a rich package of animation and integration activities to support the establishment of relationships and build close, friendly ties 
  • opportunity to organize special events and excursions  
  • support for an active lifestyle through participation in sports activities tailored to the needs of seniors inside and outside the facility (Nordic walking)
  • co-creation of an integrated community that can rely on each other, motivating each other to undertake joint activities
  • high standard of finishing of apartments and the facility (customized furniture, modern technologies and systems monitoring the health and supporting the safety of seniors, reception desk on the premises)
  • in the price of the apartment: charges for utilities (electricity, gas, heating, garbage), wireless Internet, and smart TV
  • numerous green areas around the building, a housing estate with plenty of alleys and corners for quiet rest (famous in Lublin LSM)
  • location in the vicinity of the MPK bus stop, shopping, cultural, and recreational facilities
  • common areas intended for residents to foster integration and establish relationships: fitness room, spacious workshop room with living room, common dining area, large kitchen equipped with modern household appliances, cafeteria, reception, common laundry room with drying room
  • a physiotherapy practice providing services to residents and the local community
  • possibility to use the support of reception staff

We want the autumn of life spent at Villa Zakątek to be a beautiful and interesting adventure.


First of all, by choosing an apartment in Villa Zakątek, you will gain peace of mind and security, resulting from the fact that many organizational and life issues will be taken care of by us. The apartment fee includes payment for utilities, internet, television, maintenance repairs, cleaning, concierge service, and even assistant care (in selected packages). In addition, if you live on a high floor in a block of apartments without an elevator and leaving the apartment is inconvenient for you, you will definitely improve the comfort of your life, as our facility has an elevator. You can also strengthen your fitness by taking advantage of fitness classes held in our hall and Nordic walking training outside. Through participation in handicraft workshops or thematic meetings (report club), you will meet seniors with similar interests. Not without significance is also the immediate vicinity of Villa Zakątek, you can read more about its advantages here. We can also take care of organizing food in the range of your choice, because we work with a catering company that takes into account different diets.

At Villa Zakątek, a particularly important aspect for us was to provide seniors with such a level of security that they feel comfortable and do not have to worry about areas of their lives related to various dangers. All the technologies installed in the apartments are intelligent systems that watch over fire safety (smoke detectors, smoke extraction system), alert when flooding occurs, or when a senior’s health parameters deteriorate or fall (coupled with a dedicated app, senior wristbands). In addition, an easy-to-use light and heat control system is installed in the apartments, so you can set optimal heat parameters for the day and different ones for the night. For those who are not fond of using cell phones and small screens (due to, for example, poorer eyesight), we offer the possibility of using intercom (which works in the area of the facility) and the KOMP system, a very easy-to-use system for video conferencing and sending messages and notifications. Through this system, you can contact friends, family, and the facility coordinator. A very convenient solution is also the biometric locking system, which allows you to open the apartment with your fingerprint. This eliminates the need to carry a key with you, or even remember it. In addition, this solution eliminates the threat of unauthorized people getting into the apartment.

Moreover, each apartment has an emergency call system integrated with a system of SMS notifications to designated persons, and, in addition, the safety of seniors at Villa Zakątek is supervised by a visual monitoring system outside the building and in the reception hall.

Yes, there is a video monitoring system on the premises (in selected common areas) and in front of the facility. Its purpose is to ensure the safety of persons using the apartments and employees of the facility, as well as the protection of property in parts of the facility and in its vicinity. The relevant provisions in the contract specify the monitored areas and the exact scope of the facility’s authority in this regard.

The decision to reorganize one’s life and live in Villa Zakątek, despite the attractiveness of the very idea of living in a cohousing community, can be a challenge for an elderly person, which we understand very well. Leaving one’s current life, the proverbial four corners, can be one of the most difficult decisions in life. However, considering the package of benefits that such a decision brings, it is worth considering whether moving to a friendly community of people of similar age, with similar problems and interests will be a form of help for your beloved senior. It’s worth thinking through some possible scenarios. Below, we suggest how to reorganize the family’s life and support the senior in the decision to move to an apartment in Villa Zakątek.

We realize how cumbersome it can be for both parties to live together under the same roof in a multigenerational model. Older people have their own habits and rituals, and it is often difficult for younger people to adjust to them due to different circumstances – working late into the night or having interests and preferences for watching movies or using the computer at night, for example. Young people at the beginning of their careers often do not have the means, creditworthiness, or chance to buy their own apartment. The solution may be to reserve an apartment in Villa Zakątek for the senior. This is a model of reorganization that is 100% safe for both the young and the senior because he does not get rid of his apartment; he moves to a modern facility inhabited by people of similar age, and his apartment is used by his relatives. In addition, he doesn’t have to worry about furnishing and equipping his new apartment, as our apartments are fully equipped. The senior’s comfort is supervised by the intelligent systems we describe above.


The primary benefit for seniors of living in a senior cohousing facility is to support integration and bonding with other residents of similar age and needs. Through various forms of activation, whether group exercise classes like yoga or Pilates, or workshops and themed meetings, we want to inspire residents to spend time together to get to know each other even better. It is invaluable to know that, in case of an emergency, our seniors can count on mutual neighborly assistance. Such a close relationship with those closest to them can rarely be developed in non-cohousing conditions.


The autumn of life is also the perfect time to develop passions – our offer of workshops and thematic meetings is sure to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. In addition to handicraft workshops, we offer cooking together during culinary workshops and meetings within thematic clubs (good book club, reportage club). The offer will be complemented by the opportunity to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and name days together – our spacious and tastefully decorated workshop room with a large kitchen will be perfect as a space to use for all kinds of special events. An additional opportunity to integrate our seniors will be gained by participating in joint excursions and outings. We will arrange the excursion program based on the declared preferred destinations.


It is also worth noting the excellent location of our facility, Villa, which is located on the Piast Estate, about which you can read more here. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer!

Of course! We work with a real estate office operating in the field of property management, which will take over the hassle of finding and servicing a tenant. There is no need to worry about acquiring a client or ongoing rental issues.

From a financial standpoint, the prospect of renting one’s own apartment and using an apartment in Villa Zakątek also presents a highly favorable scenario.

A large group of seniors will be able to afford to live in Villa Bartek by renting their own apartment and adding their salary or pension.

For example, a senior citizen can rent his own apartment for PLN 2,500, on top of which he receives a pension of PLN 2,500. This gives a monthly amount of PLN 5,000, which will fully cover accommodation at Villa Zakątek in the selected package. At the same time, the senior citizen will not lose any assets, as the apartment he owns remains his property.

Of course, our senior cohousing is designed for people aged 50+ who, for various reasons, want to live with like-minded people and decide together what their living environment will look like. If a group of friends who have known each other for years and want to be close to each other decide to move to Villa Zakątek – then the palette of benefits includes, in addition to the use of a self-contained, independent apartment, the comfort of living in proximity to people known and liked, with an infrastructure conducive to spending time together.

Research shows that inclusive cohousing is a better option than traditional forms of housing, as it results in a healthier and happier life. Senior cohousing allows seniors to maintain their independence while providing mutual assistance, giving them a sense of security. Such natural social assistance by people in friendly relations living in proximity and using common infrastructure not only creates conditions for activity but, above all, stimulates it. It counteracts psycho-physical deterioration, teaches resourcefulness, provides opportunities to use the experience and potential of fellow residents in performing various duties, and helps to cope with everyday life.

If you and your friends are thinking about living together, we encourage you to learn more about the concept of cohousing. We will help you choose the most optimal package for your group, so that living at Villa Zakątek will be the best option for you in the autumn of your life.

If your health deteriorates and requires a medical consultation, we will arrange an appointment and a transportation to a doctor or hospital if necessary. If your well-being allows you to stay in the apartment, but you will feel weak and need help with daily activities like shopping or cooking, you will be able to use the help of your neighbours living in Villa Zakątek, friends, or family, or take advantage of dedicated assistant support (service available according to our price list).

Certainly, being in a senior cohousing environment, among friendly people of similar age and with similar needs and expectations, is a safer option for times of illness or periodic disability than living in traditional housing. The use of mutual neighbourly assistance, the organization of grassroots support in emergency situations, as well as the convenience of smart systems like senior wristbands that monitor health parameters or a button to call for help via text message to designated people, make seniors feel safe even when they are sick.

If your health deteriorates to the point where you are unable to function independently, we will refer you to a friendly care and rehabilitation home providing top-quality services. Of course, we will take all actions in consultation with your relatives or other persons defined for contact.

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