Villa Zakątek - sala warsztatowa

The goal pursued at Villa Zakątek is to eliminate problems and meet the key needs of the elderly by:

  • providing a safe and customized facility for seniors to live independently in comfortable apartments,
  • monitoring of safety and health by using innovative, non-invasive technologies that ensure fast response of neighbors, family, facility coordinator to life-threatening situations such as stroke, heart attack, fall, fainting, but also fever, cold,
  • counteracting loneliness – through the KOMP technology – facilitating easy, remote communication with family and friends, and a package of integration activities,
  • counteracting exclusion – through activation in pro-social projects implemented at the facility,
  • taking care of health – fitness classes, rehabilitation, Nordic walking.

In the Villa Zakątek facility the needs of seniors are realized:

  • the need for independence and independent living in a facility adapted to the needs of seniors,
  • the need for safety – the fear of the lack of support in the event of a sudden illness or fall,
  • the need for belonging to a community, neighborhood – lack of satisfaction of needs can cause feelings of loneliness and lead to depression,
  • the need for respect, appreciation and usefulness,
  • the need to use leisure time in a satisfying and active way.
Villa Zakątek - Nowoczesne technologie w obiekcie

The Independent Living accommodation service offered at Villa Zakątek involves the extensive use of technologies that monitor and support the safety of seniors (At-Home Monitoring Systems). These intelligent systems, in a life or health emergency, send a warning about the incident to the persons who are defined for contact (neighbour, family, facility coordinator, doctor), allow the staff to react more quickly and provide a high level of comfort for seniors.

For more information, see the post “5 innovative technologies to be implemented at the facility.”.


Use of convenient fingerprint biometric locks.


Smart light and heat control system.


Threat monitoring system including smoke & flood detectors, alarm system, video phone & intercoms.


System to counter loneliness and social isolation by providing easy contact with family and friends.

Wristbands for Elderly

Enable monitoring of basic health parameters and alert contacted persons of emergencies.