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5 innovative technologies in our facility

5 innovative technologies in our facility:

1. SMART HEALTH & SAFETY SUPERVISION (H&S) — an automatic monitoring system for the health and safety of seniors

The system will allow automatic, non-invasive recognition of the type of movement and related incidents, and thanks to the precise temperature sensors, it will be able to monitor body temperature. The motion sensor based on IR imaging will detect the most important types of incidents related to human movement, such as fall, immobility, and precisely determine the body temperature. On this basis, it will allow to determine whether the person is asleep or has fallen, and whether the body temperature of the individual has not risen to the disease level.

This information will be automatically processed by the system, which on its basis generates defined actions, such as switching on sound and visual signals in the building, sending notifications to mobile devices of family members, releasing electronic locks enabling getting to the person requiring assistance. The system will enable both active (conscious) call for help by pressing the help button and passive – detection of life-threatening / safety situations by the system, for example detection of a fall, immobility, high body temperature.

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2. SMART LIVING (smart Lock — biometric locks)

Fingerprint biometric locks will be installed in the facility, thanks to which seniors will not need keys to get to the apartments. This will ensure a high level of comfort and safety. In the event of a security risk detection, the electronic lock will be released, allowing the neighbors or family to enter the room with the person needing help. The layout of fingerprints does not change with age, it is unique and indelible. The system analyzes the image of the finger scanned by the reader – the orientation and inclination of the fingerprints. It searches for characteristic points on the basis of which it generates an algorithm that is compared with the data in the database.

The use of a biometric sensor allows you to improve the comfort of using the premises thanks to the use of fingerprint readers to open the door and to open it remotely using a telephone. It also improves safety thanks to the possibility of emergency opening in the situation of a threat to the health or life of residents.

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3. SMART HOME — intelligent light and heat control system

The building automation system will enable intelligent control of light and heat through:

  • dusk sensors — automatic switching on of lighting at the entrance to the facility / apartment after dark. Automatic illumination of the access path to the bathroom after dark (non-waking light, illuminating the road),
  • intelligent heat control, defining target room temperatures for day and night, as well as defining optimal temperatures in rooms where people are / are not present,
  • the ability to control the temperature and lighting also from the panel and / or application, individual settings for individual rooms / apartments,
  • the ability to turn on / off the lighting in the apartment with one button,
  • defining any temperature schedules in the apartment depending on the time of day, taking into account the automatic reduction of the temperature level after detecting the absence of household members and an increase in the case of presence. The system will allow you to set the optimal (individual) temperature during sleep and after waking up.

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4. SAFE HOME — a threat monitoring system including smoke and flood detectors, alarm system, video intercoms

For the sake of safety, smoke detectors, flood detectors, video intercoms and an alarm system will be installed in the facility. The sensors will monitor emergency situations, and in the event of an alarm, caused by e.g. smoke or flooding, will activate a visual and audible signal in the facility and send notifications to family members and / or monitoring stations, which will enable quick and efficient intervention of third parties on detected threats.

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5. KOMP — a system of counteracting loneliness and social isolation by ensuring easy contact with family and friends

Technology designed by an innovative Norwegian company in cooperation with seniors and the Norwegian Cancer Society. Carried out in 2017 research among seniors indicated that when designing a new technology, it should be taken into account that vision, hearing and the ability to learn new interactions with technologies are a significant limitation for the elderly. At the same time, one of the biggest problems indicated by seniors is loneliness and lack of contact with family and grandchildren. Alternative solutions such as instant messaging are too complicated for most seniors. That is why No Isolation has designed from scratch an intuitive device intended for communication between senior and loved ones. At the moment, the KOMP technology is the only technology in the world that has been designed in cooperation with seniors (including people 80+ with typical difficulties such as hearing loss, vision problems, disability) and the operation of which does not require any technological preparation (the device has one button to switch,a large screen where the senior can view the uploaded photos or receive video calls from his relatives). The aim of technology is to counteract exclusion and loneliness. In the opinion of technology users: 90% of users and family members confirmed that the solution influenced the maintenance of ongoing contact by exchanging information and photos, 83% of family members confirmed that the use of KOMP technology improved the quality of meetings with seniors (including more topics for conversation), 90% of seniors rated the technology as easy to use.

There is currently no facility of this type on the Polish market that offers such a range of services based on innovative technologies that improve the quality of life and safety of seniors. The innovation is based on a unique combination of the concept of cohousing with At-Home-Monitoring Systems technologies.

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